KBC Senior Underwriter P & C

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What does this function mean?

As an important player on the Belgian market, our aim is to further strengthen our position in insurance within the SME and Corporate segment.

Our maximum focus lies in attuning  our offering and expertise to our business clients' requirements so that we can respond on time and with accuracy to their insurance needs.

The prime skills here involve knowing the SME and corporate market and the specific insurance offering, and possessing the relevant insurance techniques and competences to accept the right business at the right price, plus the ability to work out bespoke insurance solutions.



Leuven (possibly 1 day per week in other KBC premises or working from home)

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What do we expect from you?

Your duties as Senior Underwriter P & C are: 
•to provide a full offering of insurance solutions for business clients using KBC's own products or special techniques such as fronting for OIIs, cooperation under commercial accords with niche insurers, specific reinsurance or placement on the market abroad;
•to write non-standard insurance policies for business clients. This involves acceptance, pricing and bespoke working-out of solutions for more-complex files, all under E2E responsibility for business falling outside the context of a standard process. This also includes risks for which there is no precedent and for deviations from policy conditions and acceptance criteria falling outside the relevant reinsurance treaty;
•to set down the policy on business insurance (including for the self-employed, SMEs and undertakings) and keeping it up to date and to monitor changes (new trends and evolving sectors) in the insurance market;
•to monitor and optimize less profitable sectors/products, when developing/reviewing underwriting and remediation policy;
•to make clear arrangements with reinsurance companies, ensuring optimal reinsurance of that segment;
•to share knowledge  on the business market, products and risks.
Your strengths? 

•You're legally trained with economic insight or, conversely, you're trained in economics with legal insight.
•You've had a minimum of ten years' experience in writing liability risks for larger companies in a range of sectors and are able to assess and challenge the writing of risk in other insurance branches.
•You have know-how of the various insurance techniques and of the insurance market in the business segment.
•You are in a position to develop a management vision, to translate it and to propagate it to the network.
•You are highly oriented towards combined working with product policy, sales, the segment and estate agents, and you are the face of ‘business risks’ for agents.


What can we offer you?

You can count on KBC for: 
•active support during your career,
•an exceptional range of training and development opportunities,
•many different career opportunities,
•a permanent contract,
•a competitive salary package, including an extensive package of additional benefits and special terms for employees for our banking and insurance products,
•possibilities to integrate your work and private life,
•a dynamic working environment with an open culture and pleasant atmosphere.

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