Senior Financial Product Manager

Senior Financial Product Manager


1, Product R & D and Innovation: according to market trends and customer demand, take charge of researching and developing new products, cooperate with the product department for Internet financial products ’design.

2, Marketing research and analysis: relevant financial institutions, competitors research and analysis; industry report writing and market financial product data statistics.

3, channel expansion, maintenance and implementation of the project landing: communicate with external institutions, including trust, funds, brokerages, banks, and explore new channels of cooperation, and implement cooperation projects.


Job requirements:

1,Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economy, management or related field. Overseas study or working experience is preferred.

2, 5 years or above working experience in bank, trust, fund or related industry, financial system training is preferred, financial product design experience is preferred.

3, Familiar with the financial industry related policies and laws and regulations, trust, funds, securities, private equity and other financial products, with financial institutions, network resources is highly preferred.

4,Strong ability of data statistics and analysis, good writing and learning ability, careful, rigorous and logical.

5,Good communication and interpersonal skills, public relations ability, negotiation ability and team work spirit.

6, Internet financial product design experience is preferred.