Financial Management Specialist

  • 97,700 + 28,800 living allowance (annual)
  • Incheon, Inch'ŏn-gwangyŏksi, Coree (du Sud)
  • CDI, Plein-temps
  • Green Climate Fund
  • 15 janv. 18 2018-01-15

The incumbent will focus on ensuring quality control and consistency over the appraisal of Funding Proposals (FPs) submitted by Accredited Entities (AEs), through the Private Sector Facility (PSF). The appraisal aims to ensure submitted projects demonstrate adequate financial management, audit and reporting capacity. S/he will recommend improvements to the funding proposals and appropriate conditions if required.

Summary of key functions:

  • Review the PSF Funding proposal;
  • Work with other specialist/analyst in the finance division to maintain the consistency in appraisal approach;
  • Review the Accreditation Master Agreement provisions and negotiate with the Accredited entities
  • Ensure proper project implementation, reporting arrangement are in place;
  • Review and comment on Term sheet, FAA and Contribution agreement;
  • Prepare the background paper for GCF management approval.

The duties and responsibilities of the position include:

  • Review the Accreditation Master Agreement provisions, compare the same with the already signed AMA’s and negotiate with the Accredited entities;
  • Review funding proposals and ensure that they demonstrate adequate financial management capacity;
  • Review and analyses Funding proposal budget sheet to ensure the reasonableness;
  • Ensuring that the audit, financial reporting requirement and implementation arrangement are adequately addressed in the Funding Proposal as per GCF rules and regulations;
  • Work closely with PSF in the appraisal of funding proposals to ensure that comments and observations are addressed properly;
  • Review the Term sheet, Funding Activity Agreement and prepare the document/information for GCF management approval;
  • Liaise with consultants to review the various financial aspects of the funding proposals, as needed;
  • Work closely with the Portfolio Management Unit to ensure that their reporting requirements regarding monitoring & evaluation of approved funding proposals are adequately addressed in AMAs/FAAs;
  • Review project Audit reports and make recommendation/observation;
  • Provide operational support in negotiating various agreement with the accredited entities or delivery partners, as applicable;
  • Ensure an effective information flow between finance and other units within GCF; and
  • Work on additional operational tasks as assigned by the Senior Financial Management Specialist from timeto-time.