Senior Analyst/Custody Onboarding Senior Analyst/Custody Onboarding …

Skillfinder International
à Luxembourg
Intérim, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 12 janv. 22
day rate up to 520 euros
Skillfinder International
à Luxembourg
Intérim, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 12 janv. 22
day rate up to 520 euros
Diffusée par:
Paul Smith • Recruiter
Diffusée par:
Paul Smith
What is the opportunity? The Solution Design and Onboarding (SDO) team are key client facing contacts supporting clients from onboarding (first change), through to business growth, product extension and client offboarding. Helping drive overall client satisfaction, interoperability, and growth in profitability. SDO partners with clients and internal stakeholders and is responsible for solution design, change management and on-boarding for approved initiatives including new client on-boarding, existing client fund launches, mergers, liquidation and off-boarding, product enhancements, client change management and where the client P&L supports it, specific client requirements including reengineering opportunities.

What will you do?

• Managing custody onboarding for all Europe client base, on a standalone basis or as part of a custody

work stream for bundled services (Standalone basis for mainly UK clients or GFP only clients )

o Execute with Onboarding Management Framework

o Defining onboarding scope, implementing agreed service, in charge of coordination in between

departments related to the custody onboarding.

o Reviewing structures, products, services

o Client kick-off meeting

o Handling calls with clients and third party stakeholders.

o Drafting and signing off process flows and drafting and agreement of Operating Memos & SLAs

as required

o Follow the progress of legal and DD and support if necessary.

o Requesting setups to CTKL and for UK clients to Transaction Management until process

alignment (internal systems, BCL…)

o Coordination of setups with MFEX

o Support team as required for launches/ migrations in/out and rollout best practice

• Coordinating counterparty set-ups with third parties (aligning with regulatory requirements),

Maintenance of Counterparty Database for Europe/APAC.

• Define and Agree Custody Business Transition Documents

• Organizing liquidations and migration out, with supervision and linkage in between GCC, legal,

invoicing, CMAO, DSD and ops, to ensure proper closure in the systems.

• New Business Tracker, Change Register, other business databases handling/updating/redesign as


• Receiving change requests and performing primary gap analysis, handling of small change requests,

quick fixes – e.g.: addition of reports. Reporting set-up aspect to review process with Client


• Support design of change requests and engage with Solution Design & Execution as required for

large/complex change requests.

• NBT and databases handling/updating and management reporting

• Supporting SCUBA client migrations as required

• Supporting Client Operations What do you need to succeed?


• BEc, BA or BSc in business, or other relevant degree

• 2+ years’ experience in industry,

• Experience managing a range of projects/deliverables, PM/BA experience and/or qualifications.

• Transversal business knowledge

• Strong understanding of Compliance, Risk and Legal throughout Project/BAU execution

• Stong know how in Technology and systems


• PM/BA or other Professional qualifications from a recognised industry body

• Bilingual

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