Line of Defence Manager

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  • 14 déc. 17 2017-12-14

Line of Defence Manager

ING is looking for a Line of Defence Manager

Considerable changes are set to be made within Procurement in the near future. Non-core Procurement activities will largely be outsourced to an external BPO partner, while a Centre of Expertise (CoE) will be set up in the new organisation to manage the BPO partner. The Sourcing Utilities CoE will report to the new Utilities Tribe, which will come under Finance COO and has yet to be set up. The jobs within the Sourcing Utilities CoE will be new within the ING organisation.
Our activities will be arranged differently, the organisation structure will be changed and suppliers will be served using different methods. Furthermore, working with an external BPO partner will require a different approach.
We are doing this change in order to:

  • Achieve scale efficiencies, share best practices and ensure similar activities are concentrated on a bank-wide level;
  • Make the organisation and IT developments flexible and agile, in order to quickly respond to market changes and quickly benefit from innovations within and outside ING;
  • Ensure a uniform high quality of services at a global level.
    Last but not least, we are going to work together in a different culture, which will focus on taking responsibility, working together in multidisciplinary teams based on trust and putting the team's interests before our own. This will enable us to serve our customers even better and to consistently exceed customers' expectations in a positive sense. These changes will make Procurement more interesting and challenging to work for, and working in the Sourcing Utilities CoE will help you to develop your skills and knowledge.

    What the Sourcing Utilities CoE does
    While certain activities will be outsourced to the BPO partner, but ING wants to retain control over services delivered to our suppliers. The Sourcing Utilities Centre of Expertise is specifically responsible for directing and managing services (and processes) delivered by the BPO partner, with a global scope. The main purpose of the Sourcing Utilities CoE is to monitor the quality of execution and assess the accuracy of invoicing by the BPO partner, discuss with the BPO partner changes that will optimise the processes and guarantee continuity. This is done in four main fields:
    1. BPO Partner Relationship Management: mature BPO Partner Management, with the MSP focusing on optimising added value for BPO partner relationships and, in particular, creating access to data that ING can use to make decisions effectively.
    2. Process Management: management of processes relating to contract and financial management and also service performance management.
    3. Benefit tracking: monitoring of planned savings, optimisation of productivity and performance.
    4. Risk Management: mitigation of risks in the outsourced processes and ensuring compliance and continuity in the execution.

    The Sourcing Utilities CoE is primarily intended for:
  • Transition oversight;
  • Managing and directing outsourcing;
  • Data analysis, internal reporting and accountability with regards to outsourcing at ING;
  • Stakeholder and relationship management within ING and with the BPO partner;
  • Strategic planning, contract and financial management and service performance management with regard to the BPO partner;
  • Documenting processes, tools and, where necessary, systems for service delivery;
  • Contractual aspects (such as renewals, invoice approval and disputes);
  • Governance and collaboration models: RACI for transparency in 'who-does-what';
  • Design and maintenance of KPIs for ensuring the quality of service delivery;
  • Implementation of changes and associated change management;
  • After transition embedding first-line risk and compliance in the outsourced processes.
    Your responsibilities as Line of Defence Manager
    As Line of Defence Manager, you will be responsible for first-line identification, classification and reduction of possible risks in the business, so that management can control and mitigate these risks and therefore prevent losses for ING in any form whatsoever. A key element of this is the performance of risk management, in line with the Enterprise Risk Management method, for various sub-areas within Non-Financial Risk, such as Operational Risk, Compliance, Legal, Finance, Tax and OIB.
    As Line of Defence Manager, your responsibilities will include the following:
  • Evaluation of the supplier's current Quality Management Frameworks and analysis of the supplier's segmentation strategies;
  • Design and recommendation of appropriate NFR frameworks, including target blueprint and implementation roadmap;
  • Determination of the Risk Analysis approach, tools and method;
  • Recommendation of Key Risk Indicators that need to be managed and tracked and that need to be reported on;
  • Performance of risk management analyses at the supplier's;
  • Drafting and monitoring of the business continuity plan;
  • Reporting on risk mitigation performance and monitoring its continuous improvement;
  • Supervising regular risk management assessment.
    The Line of Defence Manager job requires the following competences regarding your social skills, your personality and your attitude:
  • Problem analysis and judgement: you need to be able to make connections and understand the heart of a problem. You need to be able to perform complex analyses and draw conclusions on which to base new policy and/or processes;
  • Progress monitoring: you need to be able to monitor progress of various simultaneous initiatives that are intended to mitigate risks . You should also be able to see the broader impact each initiative will have on processes;
  • Persuasiveness: you need to be able to use your direct influence to initiate changes that will limit risks for ING;
  • Investigative ability : you must feel the need to investigate matters right down to the last detail and find out exactly what the problem is;
  • Planning & organising: you need to be able to set priorities and assign various tasks to the right team members.
    Specific requirements for this job
    Fluent English skills, both spoken and written
    Your place in the new organisation
    As Line of Defence Manager, your responsibilities will include ensuring global quality in the BPO partner's execution of financial processes. You will have a central base in Amsterdam and report to the CoE Manager.