• Negotiable
  • Singapour, Singapore
  • CDI, Plein-temps
  • Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
  • 01 oct. 17

Country Technology Service Manager

  • Lieu de travail : Singapour, Singapore
  • Salaire : Negotiable
  • Type de contrat : Plein-temps

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1. In representing countries to ITO, the CTM shall be seen as a customer.
Responsibilities include:
  • Service: Ensuring that all technology service needs are addressed, regardless of type, to comply with any prevailing SLAs and/or reasonable expectations of country businesses.
  • Service Improvements: Reviewing progress of ITO service improvement initiatives for the country, escalating and contributing ideas as appropriate;
  • SLAs: Facilitating the evolution and agreement of balanced business risk and commercial service level agreements between business groups and ITO;
  • Risk: Ensuring that ITO respond to all forms of end-to-end country business technology risk needs, including all audit, local regulatory, compliance, DR, BCP technology component, obsolescence, virus susceptibility and security needs. In Singapore, this includes the coordination of penetration testing conducted by GIS or external parties for internet-based systems to comply with local regulatory requirements. Escalate material technology risks to ITO for TRISC/TORC attention as appropriate.
  • Cost: Influencing ITO costs and cost allocations on behalf of countries.
  • Vendors: Ensuring that ITO manage all local country-based technology vendors to address appropriate country requirements (eg. local desktop, network and application support vendors). Also ensuring that group purchasing leverage via ITO and Global sourcing is optimized for country needs. Provide escalation point for local vendor performance/service issues, as required by ITO. Responsible to ensure outsourcing relationships are governed and managed on an ongoing basis as per banks process.
  • Change Management: Ensuring that the ITO change management process caters for all country change needs, and that any complementary in-country approval processes are confirmed with ITO. In approving system changes, CTM's will act as the 'gatekeeper' of the country's production environment by assessing impact and level of risk as a result of scheduled changes.
  • Projects: For key authorized business technology investments (projects):
    • Ensure they are receiving adequate attention from ITO and ensure ITO are aware of key business schedule expectations;
    • Use country business networking to help ITO with any up-front project initiation work, understanding high-level business requirements and filtering of demand as necessary;
    • Oversee country demand / resource matching to ensure that key expected business needs are being addressed;
    • Where necessary, assist ITO to ensure that country requirements are represented in Group initiatives, that country priorities and requirements are represented in ITO investment decisions and that budget/cost allocation methodologies fairly reflect country views.
    • Ensure that countries participate in and support Group-driven technology initiatives;
    • Where necessary, assist ITO to ensure that project related service issues and recurring operating costs pertinent to the given country are articulated and designed in;
    • For country rollout of global technology initiatives, agree the optimum country approach, and if required, provide local management/implementation resources and governance.
    • Engage all levels of ITO matrix for issue escalation processes as appropriate;
  • Strategy: Understand and contribute to country business strategy and communicate country business direction to ITO. Influence ITO to ensure that approved business plans have matching technology investment plans available for business investment committee evaluation.
  • Roadmaps: Influence ITO to evolve country/region technology roadmaps for business and infrastructure needs, aiming to minimize country-specific development. The roadmaps will be reviewed with the country businesses on a regular basis to ensure alignment with changing business and market needs.
  • Satisfaction: Gauging business satisfaction with overall ITO service on a regular basis. Feedback to be channelled into ITO management for improvement planning. Also ensuring business awareness of ITO plans accordingly.
  • ITO Performance: Is a key contributor to performance feedback to ITO management for key ITO personnel in country and ensure that such personnel objectives adequately reflect country technology needs. Escalate any material performance management issues or talent development needs to ITO management as appropriate.

2. In representing ITO to countries the CTM shall be seen as a ITO ambassador and advocate for change. Responsibilities as such will be largely the reciprocal of the above and include:
  • Ambassador: Full ITO representation in that country, noting that each ITO group bears full accountability for provision of respective ITO services to that country and CTM.
  • Problem/Incident Management: For incidents having significant business impact, support the problem/incident management process which is owned by ITO. This will mainly involve the communication/escalation to business management of service impact, recovery process, root cause, and mitigating actions, and communication back to ITO of business concerns.
  • Forums: Suitable executive forum representation of ITO, such as Country Management Team, Country Operations Risk Committee (CORC), major initiative country implementation and project steering committees. CTM's will facilitate/coordinate business-facing forums and involve the relevant ITO personnel.
  • Strategy: Provide technology thought leadership and influence country business strategy with the effective and innovative deployment of technology.
  • Risk: Ensure that country exposure to each form of technology risk is understood and managed. Ensure regulator and external audit 2-way communication, submission requirements and reporting needs are met by ITO to address any such legal and compliance expectations. Provide resource to complement ITO model as needed.
  • Cost: Ensure that monthly country allocated ITO costs are produced on a timely basis, are transparent and explainable, address country needs and reflect service improvement performance over time. Explain technology cost drivers and levers to support country business decisions.
  • Capacity Planning: Influence country business groups to predict business volumes for business technology capacity planning with ITO.
  • ITO Model Guardian: Ensure that businesses are not investing in technology services outside of the ITO remit for the bank, unless agreed in writing with ITO.
  • Resourcing: Based on the scale of services between country business and ITO in each country, the extent and profile of resource in the CTM team shall vary. Each CTM shall determine this resource profile with the ITO matrix accordingly and confirm such plans with the CIO. As this is a significant customer-facing ITO role, the 'value add' of the CTM function will be assessed on a regular basis through country business and ITO feedback, and resourcing levels, skills, and focus be reviewed/adjusted accordingly.
  • Governance: Provide country technology governance, including the following:
    • Lead monthly/quarterly business / technology management forums to address service, risk, projects, innovation and quality, and communicate initiatives and improvements;
    • Provide leadership and senior management oversight over all ITO personnel in-country to:
      • Foster cross-ITO team spirit and culture, and encourage the appropriate behaviours, such as customer focus, service orientation, and high commitment to quality.
      • Cascade ITO strategy, key themes, major messages, and latest technology developments, and ensure communication is a priority across ITO in-country;
      • Guide and assist ITO management teams (in-country and appropriate line managers outside country) to ensure consistency in people management approaches and behaviours, such as Q12, performance appraisals and levelling, and talent and career development.
      • Provide executive ITO management focus on resource management effectiveness in geographies where there is a critical mass of ITO resources. To do this, the CTM will work with the respective ITO senior management to determine how to ensure that the total pool of ITO resources in that country are best motivated, deployed and developed and that the agreed ITO global resourcing strategy is followed. Respective ITO line managers retain accountability for their allocated resources.
      • Work with ITO to provide resources to support local business initiatives that are cross-function (eg. Wealth Management, integration of acquisitions).
      • Ensure ITO local administration needs (premises, administrative support, etc.) are addressed in a cost-effective manner.
      • g. Discussing any major common issues and agreeing plans to address them.

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