We are looking for a Quantitative Developer

to join our team in Cambridge, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni

FIS a global leader in financial technology are seeking a Quantitative Developer to join our Risk software team in Cambridge.

We are seeking a Quantitative Developer to join our Adaptiv technology team, based in Cambridge. 

The Adaptiv team provides the financial engineering skill set capable of maintaining, supporting and developing our market risk calculation engine.

This skill set includes both those of a financial engineer requiring exceptional mathematical skills to PhD level combined with outstanding software programming expertise. The success of any activity in the team is successfully transferring financial engineering requirements into highly performant software through coding within the Adaptiv framework.

The contribution must be exceptional on average. The role is equivalent in scope and necessary skill set to the combination of both a Front Office Quantitative Developer AND Quantitative Analyst role in an Investment Bank.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Developing Financial Models:

• Researching and innovating new mathematical models i) for the efficient pricing of complex financial products, ii) for the evolution of future market and credit events, iii) for regulatory calculations and iv) for the calibration of risk models

Software Development:

• Programming in C# .NET the mathematical models the individual has developed. This must be done with mathematical accuracy and considering system performance as critical. Code quality must be exceptional in technical design and clarity.


• Creating clear and concise documentation of both the mathematical finance theory and software implementation details.

Model Validation:

• Verifying the new and existing models are correct and appropriate for their intended use.

Software Testing:

• Large scale system testing as well as the development of regression tests for all newly coded models and algorithms.

Specification Writing:

• Authoring functional requirements, functional design and technical design specifications.

Project Management:

• Managing the whole product life-cycle from defining the functional requirements through development through testing and finally documentation and release.

Client Support:

• Providing advice, demonstrations and support to Clients in both pre and post-sales situations.
• Complex quantitative support providing an internal support function on quantitative and finance questions that other teams in the group cannot answer

Position Requirements:

• Evidence of ability to conduct independent quantitative analysis
• Software development in at least one of (C++/.NET(C#))
• Mathematical modelling
• Demonstrable interest in the financial industry
• PhD level mathematical ability
• Experience of using software to solve complex quantitative problems
• Proven experience as a quantitative analyst
• Proven experience in financial industry
• Market / credit risk experience
• Experience of one or a mixture of C++ interop, COM interop, P/Invoke
• Software design
• A PhD or evidence of ability to conduct solo research
• Excel-VBA
• Experience on a large scale ‘enterprise’ risk software product or suite of products

Interested to find out more? Apply now to become part of the FIS team! We look forwards to recieving your application.