Financial Services Business Consulting - Senior Consultant

A Senior Consultant in Business Consulting will work as part of a project team, sometimes leading one or more Executives and involving other service lines. A Senior Consultant will assist managers in leading smaller projects with minimal oversight from an Associate Director/Director/Partner and will interface directly with client management, stakeholders, other grant Thornton advisors, whilst taking responsibility for risk management, budgets and billing. The senior consultant will also be expected to contribute towards business development activities

• Stay abreast of relevant market and sector updates (e.g. banking, insurance etc.)
• Develop and maintain a network of contacts, within the firm and wider business community; Keep the firm's database updated
• Participate in business development activities as appropriate, such as providing assistance with preparing proposals, sales pitches etc.
• Take initiative to propose and participate in market research, business
• Identify opportunities for new business or cross-selling and inform senior colleagues about them

• Demonstrate industry and technical knowledge and apply this in the context of client related internal and external projects
• Confidently communicate with clients and successfully manage the expectations of colleagues
• Assist developing at least one key client account
• Act as a brand ambassador for Business Consulting as well as Grant Thornton

• Proactively seek necessary training programmes to seek and improve necessary consulting skills
• Seek regular feedback from colleagues and demonstrate evidence of efforts towards improvements
• Actively listen to others and ask searching follow up questions that challenges thinking beyond immediate concerns
• Demonstrate collaborative attitude towards colleagues from Business Consulting as well as wider Grant Thornton
• Contribute to positive morale, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial culture within Business Consulting
• Work in line with Grant Thornton's CLEARR values of Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility

Operations and results
• Demonstrate understanding of services and capability of Business Consulting as well as Grant Thornton
• Take proactive steps to keep utilisation high
• Take personal responsibility and pride towards high quality of assigned deliverables
• Complete assigned work requiring minimum revision from the senior colleagues
• Proactively seek involvement in upcoming assignments
• Demonstrate good time management skills


Operations and results
• drafts project budgets and monitors/manages actual costs versus budget
• ensures fees are collected in a timely manner and debtors kept to a minimum
• responsibility for leading take on procedures, including drafting letters of engagement for Partner or director approval
• ensures all files are closed down on completed projects in accordance with the Firm's policy (including approval sign off)