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Treasury Dealer

Location: Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni

Salary: Competitive

As Treasury Dealer, you will have responsibility for managing all cash, foreign exchange and commodity risk activities. In addition, you will be expected to manage regional and country cash management and day-to-day business liquidity requirements. This will involve drawing insights from financial market data and analysis of the FX and commodity markets to propose actions in order to reduce cost of goods volatility and drive business performance.


Key Responsibilities

  • Managing the short term liquidity for all businesses, reviewing cash forecasts and the cash pooling network.
  • Managing the FX hedging and commodity risk management processes, reviewing business forecasts, comparing exposures versus hedges and recommending hedging opportunities to minimise currency volatility within each business.
  • Working with the businesses on cash forecasting accuracy and managing the liquidity/funding requirements, minimising asset risk whilst investing at competitive yields.
  • Responsibility for the Group’s bank counterparty risk.
  • Managing the operation of short term funding requirements through the use of bank credit facilities and intercompany loans.



  • 5+ years’ experience gained in a Front Office Treasury environment.
  • Detailed knowledge of bank relationships, foreign exchange and cash management.
  • Proven knowledge of a treasury management systems.
  • Knowledge of commodity risk management would be an additional benefit.
  • ACT part or fully qualified preferred.